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06/226/16 Richard Hammer
He Who is Forgiven Little,
Loves Little
06/19/16 Don Hesler
It's All About the Heart
06/12/16 Shawn Carafa
Hearing the Word
06/05/16 Shawn Carafa
Being the Church
05/29/16 Shawn Carafa
Strength for the Battle
05/22/16 Shawn Carafa
Masters and Slaves
05/15/15 Shawn Carafa
The People's Mission
05/08/16 Shaewn Carafa
Parents and Children
05/01/16 Shawn Carafa
Husbands and Wives
04/24/16 Scott Cress
Receiving the Kingdom
04/17/16 Shawn Carafa
Walk Wisely, and
Be Spiritually Filled
04/10/16 Shawn Carafa
Walking in Love and Light
04/03/16 Shawn Carafa
Exchanging Old for New
03/27/16 Shawn Carafa
Resurrection and Reality
03/25/16 John Jordan
Good Friday
Fruit of the Resurrection
03/20/16 Shawn Carafa
Palm Sunday
Jesus the King Enters
03/13/16 Shawn Carafa
New Life, New Mindset
03/06/16 Shawn Carafa
Growing in Grace Together
02/28/16 Shawn Carafa
Walking Together
02/21/16 Shawn Carafa
A Prayer for Strength
02/14/16 Shawn Carafa
Minister of the Mystery
02/07/16 Shawn Carafa
In Together
01/31/16 Shawn Carafa
But God...
01/24/16 Shawn Carafa
Walking Dead
01/17/16 Shawn Carafa
What Does the Church Need?
01/10/16 Shawn Carafa
Blessed be the Father, Son,
and Holy Ghost
01/03/16 Shawn Carafa
From Paul, To Ephesus and Us
12/27/15 Shawn Carafa
The Church-One Body,
Many Memebers
12/24/15 Shawn Carafa
Christ is Born - Humble Glory
12/20/15 Shawn Carafa
Christmas Praise-Past,Present,
and Furure
12/13/15 Shawn Carafa
Christmas Suprises
12/06/15 Shawn Carafa
Luke's Gospel: Credible, Clear,
and Certain
11/29/15 Shawn Carafa
Repentance: Required,
Radical, and Restorative
11/22/15 Shawn Carafa
Ezra's Prayer
11/15/15 Don Williams
God Is Like That
11/08/15 Dave Tanner
A Soldier's Example
11/01/15 Shawn Carafa
Summoned to Serve
10/25/15 Shawn Carafa
God's Word, God's Man
10/18/15 Shawn Carafa
Rebuilding Reaffirmed
10/11/15 Shawn Carafa
Is It Time?
10/04/15 Shawn Carafa
Rebuilding Halted
09/27/15 Shawn Carafa
Our Foundation
09/20/15 Shawn Carafa
Go Rebuild
09/13/15 Shawn Carafa
The Secret to Contentment
09/06/15 Shawn Carafa
Worthy Living: Some Final Instructions
08/30/15 Shawn Carafa
God’s Perfect Purpose for Imperfect People
08/23/15 Shawn Carafa
Look Out! Lose Self; Gain Christ
08/16/15 Shawn Carafa
Worthy Living: Honorable Servants
08/09/15 Shawn Carafa
Worthy Living: A Joyful Work
08/02/15 Shawn Carafa
Worthy Living: Unity in Humility
07/26/15 Shawn Carafa
Worty Living, Unity and Courage
07/19/15 Shawn Carafa
Issues of Life and Gain
07/12/15 Shawn Carafa
The Power of the Gospel
07/05/15 Shawn Carafa
Greetings with Thanksgiving
and Love
06/28/15 Shawn Carafa A Dedicated Life 06/21/15 Shawn Carafa
The Father's Love
06/14/15 Richard Hammer
Church 101: Back to the
06/07/15 Don Williams
Looking Unto Jesus
05/31/15 Mandi Thompson 05/24/15 Don Williams
Truths to Remember
05/17/15 Shawn Carafa
God's Chosen Instruments
05/03/15 Don Williams
The Garden of Your Heart
04/26/15 Don Hesler
Follow Me?
04/19/15 Ivan Santoso
Easter 3.0
04/12/15 Richard Hammer
What are these among so many?
04/05/15 Don Williams
Assurance of Jesus' Resurrection
03/29/15 Don Hesler
For My King
03/22/15 Ivan Santoso
Following Jesus Into Life
03/18/15 Robert Walker
Israel, the Church, and the Middle East
03/15/15 Richard Hammer
Revival 2015! Can it Happen Here?
03/08/15 Steve Poston
Wearing the Scars of Jesus
03/01/15 Mark Mason
Untitled (Snow Day)
02/22/15 Don Hesler
Loss of Power
02/15/15 Michael Baird
How Should Christians Celebrate Valentine’s Day?
02/08/15 Michael Baird
Seeing the Signs: Knowing God’s Will
02/01/15 Don Williams
Worship in Heaven
01/25/15 Don Hesler
Dealing with Sin
01/18/15 Don Williams
God’s Sovereignty-
Gives Us Peac
01/04/15 Don Williams

12/28/14 Don Hesler
The Other Son

12/21/14 Don Williams
Peace Through the Night
12/14/14 Richard Hammer
Peace on Earth
12/7/14 Don Williams
House of Bread
11/30/14 Don Williams
When the Angels Sang
11/23/14 Richard Hammer
The Grace Vacuum
11/16/14 Don Williams
Six Water Pots Filled, Water Pots Filled with Blessings
11/09/14 Jo Ann Koekenberg
A History Lesson 
11/02/14  Don Williams
Until He Comes
10/26/14 Don Williams
The "ACTS" of Prayer
10/12/14   George Ellsworth
Generosity Does NOT
lead to Poverty
10/19/14 Don Hesler
10-05-14   Don Williams
Our Model for Prayer
09-14-14    Richard Hammer
Have You Considered
My Servant Job?  
09-07-14    Don Williams
I Saw the Lord
 06-08-14   George Ellsworth
Believe!! Expect!! See!!
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